2011 Global Investors Software is a quality ms-excel database application with many years of research on the internet. The software contains over 5000 investors globally that are looking for good and viable business opportunities or Good and feasible Business Plan to invest in. It does not matter whether your business is a growing one or is about to start. What investors are interested in is how feasible is your business and how can they benefit from it. Finance can never be your problem when you have a viable business or idea that could bring about revolution when money and expertise is injected into it. This software has been simplify in such a way that it clearly states the field or industry each investor is interested in, their investment portfolio, and the geographical location that's of interest to each investor. It will not take you sleepless night before you identify investor that could fit into your business plan. The business name, location of the business, contact person telephone number and email and web address for each investor is included. It is very rich in information. Thus, if your business plan has been given a good rating by professionals and your cash flow is excellent. Then you need not waste any time looking for finances. Get a copy of this book now and begin to contact this investors. You will be shocked on the type of response you will be getting from them. Don't forget all investors are looking for business opportunities to make more money. Yours may be what they fre looking for. Download a copy of this book now. Some of these investors are Private Equity firms while others are Capital Ventures. They invest in different business stages varying from the seed/startup stage to the later or growing stage of the business. Never mind whether your business is not set up yet. Some of them will even provide expertise on managerial level; and, atimes they go for outright purchase of some companies.
So if you are really serious about taking your business to the next level and join the legions of world class entrepreneurs, then you have got to contact these investors to throw the money into your business. To have access to the over 5000 investors in this software, Download your own Copy Now for $87 ONLY FOR TODAY Rush and get your copy now before the price goes up tomorrow. This is what you get in the book:

  • Immediately have access to over 3000 investors globally.
  • You would be able to locate investors that fit into your business.category. It has been simplify for your use.
  • You would be able to contact the investors directly.
  • You will automatically have access to new investors that are added to the software upgradein the future. This is because our database is growing on a daily basis. This information is worth $400 on our competitors website. The $87 Downolad fee is an introductory offer and will increase in the by tomorrow. So take the opportunity now to get your own copy before the price is reviewed.
    A single license of this sooftware is for one PC, 1-single license caan only be instal one PC at any point in time. If you want to instal a single license on another PC, ensure that it is permanently uninstal on the other system. Illegal installation and distribution of this software is strongly prohibited and offender will lose their right to continue usage of the software.
  2. That the software is purchase for personal use and cannot be resell.
  3. That after the successful download of this software, REFUND cannot be issued when the software has been downloaded. If you require any additional support, sent a mail to support@entrepreneurinvestors.net

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Investors Note: Over 500 business plans have been submitted worldwide in the last two weeks. Investors are advised to update their data for free in our database so that you can continue to receive business plans that fit into your area of investment. Click Here to register as an Investor or Update your information in our databse.

Entrepreneurs can also submit their Business Plans for free Here: When you submit your business plans for free, investors would have the opportunity to have a look at your business plans on our webiste and contact you if your business plans fit into their investment criteria. Click Here to Submit your Business Plans For Free

It is a good thing to have investors contact you when you submit your business plan on our website but it is better for you to contact them directly because their are quite a number of competition from other entrepreneurs looking up to this investors for finance. Hence some of them are loaded with business plans from a number of entrepreneurs and so they are constantly screening business plans in order to select the best for their business. So it is on First Come First Serve basis. So don't wait for them to contact you. Take the firsst step by DOWNLOAD NOW WITH JUST $87 AND HAVE ACCESS TO OVER 5000 INVESTORS WORLDWIDE.



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